High Rise Living, High Rise Bonds
Spenza Tiling Solutions bring to you the best in class German Polymer modified cement based adhesive.


Fix It Forever
100% solid epoxy grout suitable for ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, marble and stone.


Bond Beyond Best
SPENZA Series Sanded and Un-sanded Grout. Available in more than 21 colours.


Mix Right, Fix Tight
Polymer liquid admixture. Increase Flexibility, stronger bond and compression strength.


Beautify Your Home
Interior & exterior use, Economical, Fast Acting, Remove stains, Easy to use, Dilutable.


We Hold It Together
Enhances Style & Design. Enjoy more Flexibility in creativity with tile spacers.


An average bathroom occupies around 10% of the gross floor area in an apartment. But, the maintenance and upkeep of the same consumes about 30% of the annual maintenance cost depending on the end use of facility. With the addition of expensive interiors, any leakage in the bathrooms is a major cause of concern to the home/facility owners. Apart from the structural problems that leakages cause, it also leads to unhygienic situations of algae and fungal growth. Additionally, the home owner in the apartment above, does not allow for any treatment to be carried out on their floor (which is actually the point of entry of water). All this leads to expensive repairs and refurbishment involving 03-0 4 weeks of untidy work.


SPENZA has always been committed to research and development into products which safeguard the environment, the health of those who use them and of those who use the areas where they are applied. We have developed a series of products which emit an extremely low level of volatile organic compounds. These products have been used for decades on sites all over the world for laying resilient and textile floors. SPENZA's strong commitment to the environment and ECO-SUSTAINABLE buildings has also led the company to provide products with an extremely low level of VOC for installing ceramics tiles and naturalstone.