Spenfill Grout Admix

Liquid Emulsion Additive for Grouts
Spenfix Grout Admix is a grout locker, which locks the grouts into joints. It is a Glary Glossy, Laminator of Grout. Easy to clean and maintain. Increase strength and makes grout dense.

Tiles must be firmly, wait at least 24 hours before starting to grout the joints when tiles applied.

Take Spenza Grout 1 kg + 125 ml Spenza Admix and add water to produce a thick paste.

Domestic and commercial establishments, laboratories, bakeries, super markets, showrooms, hospitals etc.

For tile joints 1-12mm
Hard and durable

Coverage: Varies with tile size and grout width.

Packaging: 125 ml.

Colour: White