Dazzle Heavy Duty Spenpoxy Grout

The Dazzle spenpoxy is sparkling grout. The grout constituting of Strong Hardener, Resin and Organic coated filler for colour fastness for coated filler. It is a 100% solid epoxy grout chemical and stain resistance. It is non shrinking, non sagging, fast curing efflorescence free grout. It has high temp. resistance and can be steam cleaned suitable for joints between 2 to 12mm in width.

Dissolves easily, Permanent shine, Water & chemical resistant, Easy to clean, Interior & Exterior use, Stain & Germ free, No water seepage, No shrinkage, 100% stain free, Chemical & temperature resistant.

Restaurants, Hotels, showrooms, swimming pools, Kitchen, Lobbies, Bathrooms.

Packaging: Net Weight: 5 kgs. & 10 kgs.
Factory proportioned kit consisting of three conveniently packed components – Hardener, Resin (Part A and Part B) and Dazzle Coloured Filler Powder (Part C).

Colour: Available in 10 colours and 3 finishes – Gold, Silver and Copper.

Compliance: Meets the following standards
ANSI: A 118.3
EN 13888: RG2
VOC: Very low